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Still Images:

Anita L. Staver a Huckabee supporter Florida
Cory Burnell in the Radio Station
Cory Burnell
Filming Crew with Dona and Clifford Rice, Evangelical couple, Valparaiso Indiana
Filming religious reenac
Filming Religious reenactors in Kentucky
Filming Rev. Helen Seenster an Obama supporter
Hucakbee supporters in Orlando Florida
Huckabee supporters in Florida
Huclabee supporters in Orlando Florida
Ilan portrait
Ilan Ziv looking at Jericho , West Bank
Ilan Ziv with Maureen Mooney a McCain supporter
McCain headquarters.JPG
New Hampshire Primaries 2008
New Hampshire Primaries 2008(2)
Rabbi Yoel Bin Nun a Jewish settlers on the West Bank
Rev. Helen Seenster an Obama supporter
Rev. Helen Seenster, An Obama supporter Iowa


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