Produced by Serge Gordey , Amit Breuer & Ilan Ziv
Directed by Ilan Ziv
Amythos TamouzMedia/ Point Du Jour Co production

Although they may have had little in common in life, Fahmi Abou Ammouneh and David Biri are linked in death, their fates tied to Netzarim Junction in the Gaza Strip, a crossroads between the Israeli settlement of Netzarim and the Palestinian refugee camp of Nusseirat. It became a strategic location during the Oslo peace process, which left Nezarim isolated in Palestinian lands.
It was there that David and Fahmi died - the first Israeli soldier and the first resident of Nusseirat to lose their lives in conflict that has since seen nearly 1,000 Israelis and 3,000 Palestinians killed. Using home videos and memories of family and friends, THE JUNCTION shows the ripple effects on their loved ones and their communities

"Elegantly structured... A powerful reminder that the smallest skirmishes exact a grim toll in blood and tears."
-George Robinson, Jewish Week

"An excellent film...moving...Compels us to reconcile the irreconcilable."
-Leonardo Digital Reviews

“...looks beyond the current wave of violence, to its roots in a culture of tragedy and denial."
 -The Village Voice

"Very moving... A powerful metaphor for the futility of our conflict with the Palestinians." 
-Jury of 2003 Haifa Film Festival

"An intelligent and sensitive contribution to the discussion of settlements. Rather than reiterate the tired monologues of both sides, THE JUNCTION courageously pierces through the rhetoric in its penetrating juxtaposition of the stories of these two young men and the aftermath for the surviving loved ones."
-Al Jadid, A Review & Record of Arab Culture and Arts

Best Documentary, 2003 Haifa Film Festival

2004 Global Visions Film Festival

2004 Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival

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