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Jesus Politics - A personal investigation into the role of religion in American politics, and specifically this year's presidential election.

Litigating Disaster - December 3, 1984. Bhopal, India. The worst chemical disaster of all time. How has Union Carbide manipulated the US and Indian legal systems for 20 years to avoid facing justice?

The Junction - They had little in common in life, but Israeli soldier David Biri and Palestinian Fahmi Abou Ammouneh are linked in death, their fates tied to a Gaza crossroads between an Israeli settlement and Palestinian refugee camp.

Human Weapon - The first sober, in-depth examination of the history of suicide bombing. Filmed in Iran, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Israel, Palestine, Europe and the United States.

Arab Diaries series - A five-part documentary series that presents a fresh, insightful picture of contemporary life across the Arab world.

Safe Haven: The United Nations and the Betrayal of Srebrenica - Investigates the possibility of complicity - knowing or not - by the commanders of the United Nations forces in Bosnia in the disaster that befell Srebrenica.

Yellow Wasps: Anatomy of a War Crime - Chronicles the Yellow Wasps, a Serbian paramilitary unit operating in Bosnia in 1992.

On the Edge of Peace - Chronicles the first year of the implementation of the Israeli-Palestinian accords as experienced by both Palestinians and Israelis from all walks of life.

Tango of Slaves - A Holocaust survivor's journey to Warsaw becomes the springboard for a meditative essay about history, memory, and their preservation in imagery.

Media War in El Salvador - Analyzes the Madison Avenue style media barrage employed by rival parties during El Salvador's 1989 presidential campaign.

People Power - The first in depth look at non-violent revolutions around the world.

Fire in the Andes - Tells the story of the ongoing conflict in Peru which, to date, has left over 10,000 dead or "disappeared."

Shrine Under Siege - Describes the coalition formed by Fundamentalist U.S. Christians and militant Israeli Jews to destroy the Dome of the Rock, Islam's third holiest shrine, and to build a new Jewish temple in its place.

Capitalism - is an ambitious and accessible six-part documentary series that looks at both the history of ideas and the social forces that have shaped the capitalist world. ( this line is copy and paste from the page of Capitalism on Icarus Films site you can do t he same) You link the title Capitalism to the same page in Icarus that you linked the last button.

The Hundred Years' War: Personal Notes


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